UNL's City Campus

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)



Is SSD open?

Yes. In order to increase precautionary health measures, SSD is aligning with the University message and will be holding all appointments via phone /email with no in-person appointments happening青娱乐极品. If you need assistance or have questions, please call our office 402-472-3787. Students who are deaf may correspond with Barbara Woodhead via email or video.

Questions about Accommodations

Sam Goodin:               

Barbara Woodhead:    barbara.

Rachel Murray:          


Will exams be administered in person by SSD?

No.  青娱乐极品Faculty are responsible to administer all curriculum and exams with accommodations on file. Faculty and students are welcome to consult with SSD by contacting the Testing Center staff by phone, 402-472-3730, or email.

Questions about testing:

Judy Phelps                

Melissa Wulf              


What if I need readings converted to an accessible format now that my class is online?

Contact Jen Wagner, the SSD Accessibility Specialist for electronic texts.

Jen Wagner                


How do professors accommodate Deaf students in their online format?

To caption videos, lectures or narrated power points, faculty are authorized to use UNL Academic Video with captions provided by VidGrid http://its.enewstrack.com/services/unl-academic-video/.  This service is available at no charge to faculty who have deaf or hard of hearing students in their courses. For further assistance, you may email Huskertech Help Center (Love Lib. South, Rm 31)   http://its.enewstrack.com/helpcenter/青娱乐极品  or call 402-472-3970, toll-free 866-472-3970. 

青娱乐极品If your plans include videoconferencing for your course or office hours, please contact Barbara Woodhead.


General recommendations for classes with academic accommodations

Some accommodations may look different as on site lectures are converted to online instruction. To support the process, we recommend the following:

  • Communicate with students using accommodations to ensure that they are accessing the course material effectively
  • Offer regular office hours for questions and clarifications
  • Be flexible as adjustments may need to be made if students indicate additional assistance is needed
  • Consult with SSD staff if you have any questions