Parking Options

青娱乐极品We recommend one of these three parking options:

1. Find parking for a fee at a number of lots on and nearby campus.

2. Reserve pre-paid event parking at or purchase a $9 tag for all-day, on-street parking in metered stalls from any City parking employee wearing a Park & Go shirt at City-operated parking facilities.

3. Park and ride:青娱乐极品 park in a large, off-site parking lot and ride the city bus (Star Tran) to the stadium with

青娱乐极品Get more information at:

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Outside North Stadium

It’s a neat town. It’s a really good city. They’ve got plenty going on, and when this town gets revved up for a football game, it is really cool. It’s fun to be here.

Ed Cunningham ABC Analyst, Nebraska vs Purdue, October 22, 2016